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Granite Rock Rabbitry

Hi, My name is Susan Waddle and I live in the great Northwoods of Wisconsin. Here at Granite Rock Rabbitry we specialize in Chocolate and Lilac Magpies we also have Japanese Harlequins and a White Beveren. I am a member of the ARBA and AHRC. I started raising rabbits at the age of seven. Which most of them were mixed breeds. Then I got into Harlequins, Champagne D'Argents, and American Chinchillas. I had a few other breeds here and there, but those three were my favorites. Here helping me is my husband Nathan and two children Jerid and Katie. The name Granite Rock was my husbands idea, well we live on a big granite rock. Please feel free to sign the Guestbook and Contact Me with any questions you may have. Also come back often, I am always updating.

 Thanks, Susie

  Please Note that all Bucks are in Blue lettering and all Does are in Pink

                                   Updated: 11-14-2011

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 Above is Granite's Max3 who we lost in the Fall of '10, he is greatly missed

Below is our English Mastiff, Dyson when he was 7 moths old

This is Dyson our English Mastiff

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